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Tree Felling

Trees can need removing for many reasons, whether a danger or just to allow more space or light into a garden. Green Solutions are capable of dismantling any size tree safely and professionally as well as removal of all waste.

Crown Reducing

Trees can outgrow their surroundings, instead of removal, reducing a tree in size can offer a great resolution and allow it to carry on growing for many years to come. Green Solutions offers professional advice and guidance for such works, as well as the knowledge and practical skills to keep trees looking natural after pruning.

Crown Thinning

Light levels in a garden can be drastically reduced from a thick canopy on a tree. Certain trees can benefit from the removal of internal growth which can help to improve light levels to the ground below. Green Solutions offers advice as to what trees benefit from such practice as well as the skills to undertake the work.

Branch Removal

All trees grow differently, and sometimes just single branches can pose a problem. Green Solutions are qualified and trained to undertake branch removal no matter how big or small!

Fruit tree pruning

Green Solutions are qualified to advise on when to prune fruit trees, and have the practical skills to undertake such works.

Hedge Pruning

Hedges can be an effective boundary marker or even a screen blocking something unsightly. Keeping a hedge maintained is important to its longevity, as well as looking pleasant to the eye. Green Solutions can prune all hedges to a smart and level finish as well as offer advice for ongoing maintenance.

Stump Removal

Once a tree is removed a stump can prevent areas in a garden from being used for years to come. Green Solutions can grind away any size stump to pave way for re planting, re turfing or landscaping.

Seasoned firewood

Green solutions provides seasoned firewood for log burning stoves and fireplaces – Please call 07921678587 now for more information!

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